Drug Names: Recording Therapy Changes

What’s in a name?

Recording therapy changes at Clinical Follow Up


With many biosimilars on the market we would like to remind you of the importance of using the drug trade names when completing clinical follow up.  Without the trade name it makes it difficult for us to get a full picture of the patient’s treatment history, including knowing which drug they were on at the time of any adverse event.

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Dates of changes are also important, please let us know the date of the last dose of the previous drug as well as the new start date.  We understand this can be difficult if the patient is starting a new prescription via home delivery or has an old prescription that needs to be used first, but even a month and year can be useful to us rather than a missing date.

If you really can’t get you hands on the information please let us know by making a note on the form so that we do not repeatedly contact you for missing information.

We really appreciate all the details that you provide us with, thank you.